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Oct 3, 2007:

Website editcenter is an online website building center that allows you to build a template-driven web site from scratch or edit their existing site using only a web browser (Internet Explorer and FireFox on PC, or FireFox on Mac).more..
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Website Edit Center

How Website Edit Center Works

Website Edit Center is an advanced web site building tool. It was designed as a tool that web hosting companies can use to both attract new customers, and leverage ROI for their existing customers.

This summary will explain how the Website Edit Center web site building tool interacts with and invokes the retrieval, modification and publishing of an end-users website.

Existing client, login here

  1. Firstly, the end-user will login to the Website Edit Center interface, where he/she can build, edit and publish their web site.

  2. After the end-user has logged in, their details are authenticated against the Website Edit Center MySQL database. Next, their user profile is loaded and a background connection to their web host is made using PHP's FTP library. This connection can be established across the Internet as a remote connection. It can also be established as a local connection, i.e. the website is hosted on the same web host as Website Edit Center.

  3. Once this connection is established, a list of files and folders are retrieved from the end-users starting directory (specified when the user account is created). These files and folders are then displayed in the Website Edit Center file manager or as required.

  4. When a user clicks on a specific file to edit, Website Edit Center invokes PHP's FTP library and uses the ftp_fget command to retrieve and temporarily store the contents of the selected file on the local machine. In this explanation, the local machine refers to the web host where Website Edit Center is installed.

  5. From here, the temporary file is loaded into the Website Edit Center WYSIWYG HTML editor, where the user is free to modify it. They can format text, insert images, tables, forms, etc. When they are done and click save, Website Edit Center yet again invokes PHP's FTP library and uses the ftp_put command to transfer the contents of the file back to the users web host, replacing the previous instanse and creating a backup for rollback purposes.

  6. For the web site builder and file operations such as copy, rename, delete, etc, Website Edit Center invokes custom function handlers that perform these tasks via FTP. When an image is uploaded using the Website Edit Center image manager, it is temporarily stored on the local machine and then sent to the users web host.

  7. When the user has completed their session, they simply click on the "Logout" button at the top of the Website Edit Center interface. Any connection to their web host via PHP's FTP library is dropped, and all database objects are destroyed. Web page updates are reflected in real-time, and no temporary data (such as HTML pages) is stored on the users web host.

You will not find a web site builder that's easier to install and setup than Website Edit Center's login.

You can be up and running in just an hour from now, and prices start from just US$100 per year without hosting and US$ 150 per year with hosting.

Please click here to order.